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The Dubai government hopes to attract not only tourists but also immigrants from around the world. Thus, by marketing the city as a desirable place to live according to the Urban Master Plan. In 2023, the property industry is poised for unprecedented growth thanks to several novel factors.

The Dubai real estate market is premium for investment at the moment. Therefore, to grow successfully, the best real estate websites in Dubai are adopting digital strategies. Because of this, you’ll find that all the major real estate agencies have websites available to the public.

This article is important for anyone interested in purchasing the best site for property sale. Here we have covered in depth the top 10 real estate websites in Dubai 2023 and you will get to know the details along with specifications. So, without procrastinating much let’s explore and find out the best one.

Complete List of Top 10 Real Estate Websites in Dubai

1- Betterhomes Real Estate Website

Since 1986, Betterhomes has provided excellent service in the real estate industry. They’ve been around for 36 years, serving clients in the Dubai real estate market with affordable property management and financing services. They are the best real estate in Dubai including renting, buying and selling. So, all thanks to their experienced core team, they also offer a smooth video chat option in addition to 360-degree virtual tours of the home which is epic.


  • For their 36 years in business, Betterhomes has assisted nearly 30,000 families in making their dream home purchases.
  • In addition, their website is easy to navigate and provides all the information about a property that one could want.
  • They offer a special app through which you may inform your loved ones on social media about the property.

2- Next Level Real Estate Dubai

Next Level Real Estate was established in 2013. Since then it has been a major influence in the commercial, residential, institutional and industrial developments in Dubai. Thus, this company provides excellent services for any property-related problems. Apartment buyers in Dubai may rest easy knowing that they can rely on these first-rate property-related services, which cover every angle of their needs. In addition, the company will utilize all of its resources, including its marketing prowess and hardworking staff.


  • Here the visitors to the site can look for a home in Dubai by selecting a certain ‘region’ or ‘project’ to narrow their results. Hence, any kind of real estate, whether it be for sale or rent, is available for browsing.
  • The website also features real estate guidance blogs that readers can use to learn more about the industry and make educated choices when they arise.

3- DAMAC Real Estate

DAMAC Properties is a leading UAE-based real estate development company that also operates in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the Levant and the United Kingdom. The website is well-structured and easy to navigate. Additionally, it is offered in three languages (English, Arabic, and Russian).

Thus, simply choose the “Communities” option to view available high-end real estate listings. The “Find Homes” tab lets you narrow your home search based on a variety of factors, including location, price range and property type. Furthermore, the specific DAMAC projects can be researched and their details can be obtained.


  • The DAMAC estates can be explored in a magnificent 3D virtual tour.
  • Virtual reality (VR) room exploration with measurement tools, 360-degree views and a floor plan.
  • The contact options are conveniently located in a “sticky footer,” from which the visitor can access them at any time.
  • Sections like “DAMAC in the News” and “Working at DAMAC” offers credibility to the company and pique the interest of potential customers.

4- Dubai Real Estate

When it comes to residential construction, Dubai comes among the best real estate listing sites and is unrivaled in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, Dubai Properties is responsible for the world’s largest single-phase residential project, Jumeirah Beach Residence.

Furthermore, both English and Arabic versions of the site can be accessed. You may view their comprehensive portfolio, which details all of their previous work directly from the homepage. So, virtual tours of people’s houses are also available which gives users a good look. Also, the interactive tour included a photo gallery of the property.


  • A simple sign-up process that can get you more information about the homes you’re interested in.
  • A centralized hub that makes it simple and quick to handle all real estate matters. Service requests, status updates, payments and invoicing may all be handled easily.
  • A readily available live chat function staffed by an AI.

5- Emirates National Investment

In the United Arab Emirates, there is a corporation called Emirates National Investment. The company’s offerings span numerous industries, from agriculture and construction to real estate. Their website is easy to navigate and therefore, the customers can learn about all of their offerings with minimal effort. Additionally, their website design is minimalistic and straightforward, creating a soothing atmosphere for the site’s users. They come under the list of top online property sites in Dubai.


  • They offer a wide variety of services and are not limited to real estate, building or investing.
  • They provide an excellent user experience that makes this online property-finding website more fun and exciting.
  • The website features an easy and convenient booking option.

6- Haus and Haus Properties

Haus & Haus is an all-rounder real estate company in Dubai that focuses on residential, commercial and investment property management along with sales plus leasing. Thus, their website is easy to use and the call to action is prominently displayed.

Moreover, the users may browse available properties, do a search and obtain an estimated property value all from the homepage. Both a phone number and a WhatsApp button to initiate contact are prominently displayed. Furthermore, the all-black design of the site makes it simple for the eyes.


  • Separate sections of the website are dedicated to reviews and recommendations.
  • To help potential buyers budget for the down payment, closing costs and other fees associated with a property purchase, a financial calculator is provided for each listing.
  • The menu is presented as white text on a black background, written in a legible font and laid out in an uncomplicated fashion.

7- Bayut Real Estate

Bayut is a fantastic real estate website that caters to the whole UAE. It has been serving the Dubai real estate market since 2008, making it one of the oldest and most reputable organizations in the industry. Thus, it has the widest selection of real estate listings, including both homes and businesses. In addition to this, the Bayut homepage is minimalistic in design while still being highly interactive.


  • You can do a complete 3D walkthrough of your home and even see the neighborhood from above.
  • In addition, users can find homes with the help of their Search 2.0 function by calculating the travel time from their workplace to the location of interest.

8- Prestige Real Estate

Prestige is a Dubai-based premium real estate company and that fact is prominently displayed across the website. They offer a variety of services, including property management, real estate sales and leasing. So, the images on this page are set against a black background, which draws the viewer’s attention to them.

Moreover, customers can use the website’s advanced search feature to narrow their search for a home based on criteria such as price, square footage and neighborhood. Prestige makes selling a home as easy as clicking the Sell option and setting up a free valuation appointment. Additionally, they help with marketing and promotion to boost sales.


  • Daily updates to the highlighted list of available homes.
  • Customers may easily find all the details they need about a property and make an informed decision.
  • Customer reviews on the website build credibility and encourage faith in the company’s offerings.

9- Property Finder

If you’re looking for a reliable real estate resource, your quest can end with the Property Finder app. You can use this website to locate the ideal home for your family. Moreover, you can pick from a variety of properties, including mansions, townhomes, apartments, acreage and even commercial space. Additionally, the rental and purchase options for both residential plus commercial real estate will be available.


  • The website allows for video chatting and 3D virtual tours of the home.
  • There’s even a mortgage calculator included to make the whole process easier.

10- Nakheel Real Estate

Nakheel is another famous property website in Dubai that is responsible for iconic properties. So, the Palm Jumeirah is the first of its kind in the world and is only one of the many landmark structures that Nakheel has constructed. Thus, all of the remarkable buildings that have emerged from the Nakheel estates share one striking similarity which surely is a breathtaking panorama.


  • Inquiries, direct applications, supplier registration, payments etc are all examples of online services.
  • Use the online live chat facility to connect with a specialist if you need instant assistance.


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