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New Office IT Setup

New Office IT Setup Solutions

Imagine creating a fantastical new office in your mind. However, it can cause a lot of tension and doubt if you are unsure of the fundamentals needed to carry it out correctly. Our staff at NXP Technologies LLC is committed and skilled in providing new office IT setup solutions in Dubai. Thus, to meet all of your IT infrastructures needs we provide advice, develop a plan, and establish an office.

Our personnel have extensive knowledge of setting up offices’ IT systems in various locations across Dubai. So, all you need is assistance with IT set-up for your new office in Dubai and to make changes to your current office space. Hence, we simply tailor our designs to match your IT infrastructure requirements.

IT Setup Solutions for New Office

PC & Laptop

Printer & Scanner


PABX Telephone System


Cloud Subscription

NAS Drive

Switches & Firewall

CCTV & IT Peripherals

Access Control System

Cost-Effective & Reliable IT Support AMC in Dubai.

GET 24/7 IT Support AMC in Dubai by signing an IT Annual Maintenance Support contract with us.

Step 1:

IT Infrastructure Consultation

We start by making a list of every communication system you have. Thus, our specialists would assess the physical site, sit down to document all of your IT infrastructure needs and develop a strategic plan for your new office IT setup in Dubai.

Step 2:

Structured Cabling Solutions

Installing the right data cabling and equipment in your new company is crucial. So, the smooth running of your company’s IT system consists of servers, desktop computers, wireless routers, network switches, routers, printers, phone systems, and FAX machines. Therefore, your office’s cabling can be planned, designed, and installed with the help of our professionals. Premium structured cabling solutions in Dubai are offered by NXP Technologies LLC.

Step 3:

Internet and Phone Communication Systems

We offer your business the most suitable communication solutions. Additionally, we incorporate any potential near-term growth into our plans and move forward as necessary. So, for all of your needs, NXP Technologies LLC infrastructure provides IP-PBX solutions that are efficient and of the highest quality.

Step 4:

Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

Wi-Fi problems are common which cause disruptions and reduce the general productivity of your office staff. Additionally, various elements of your office space are completely connected and this all credit goes to our thoughtfully placed Wi-Fi equipment. Hence, the infrastructure provided by NXP Technologies LLC enables constant communication between you and your employees

Step 5:

Security Solution Implementation

Security solutions are crucial for ensuring the long-term success of your business. Our team is well-equipped to create a security plan that meets all of your needs and creates an environment. Additionally, beyond installation we provide you with any additional security solutions you might need.

Step 6:

Backup Solution Implementation

Our team is aware of how important it is to safeguard your data from any dangers and prevent data loss. Thus, with our data backup approach we make sure that your data is backed up and kept in places. Moreover,  your data won’t be lost as a result of an unexpected incursion to your infrastructure.

Step 7:

Testing Your New Office Network

On Day One, our team joins your employees on-site to make sure that all queries are addressed and any networking problems get fixed as quickly as feasible. Thus, after everything is set up then, our staff makes sure that all of the cabling access points are situated properly. Additionally, it guarantees that all internet and telecom solutions are functioning. Any problems with Wi-Fi connectivity and speed are fixed before performing a full handover to your communication operators.

Step 8:

Equipment Set-up

All office equipment including desktops, laptops, computers, copiers, printers, and other devices are sold by NXP Technologies LLC only after being authorized by the manufacturer. So, our goods are authentic and reasonably priced. Therefore, all of the equipment will be matched to your requirements before installation.

Step 9:

Cloud Subscriptions and Business Collaboration Integrations

Domain hosting and email intrusion detection systems are also offered by NXP Technologies LLC. So, we exclusively collaborate with approved partners like Microsoft, Google, and Cisco to give you outstanding services at fair costs.

Step 10:

IT AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

The NXP Technologies LLC team provides ongoing support for any unforeseen IT issues through our experienced AMC services in Dubai. We provide extensive support even after your whole IT infrastructure has been set up and implemented.

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