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Access Control

Best Biometric Access Control System in Dubai

Biometric access control system Businesses in Dubai give their employees a safe and secure work environment. So, access control systems are also helpful for effective crowd management. Thus, we assist businesses in providing better customer service relationships and ensure everyone’s safety at all times.

A biometric access control system ranks as the top security component that must be taken into account when it comes to the success of any firm. Additionally, the access control systems may control who enters and exits your facility with your permission along with understanding. Thus, knowing about essentials we offer you NXP Technologies LLC offers an extensive range of Access Control system services in Dubai.

Door Access Control System in Dubai

From single-door stand-alone systems, multi-door access systems to fully functional integrated solutions, we offer all sorts of door access control systems in Dubai. So, using our access control software the concerned security personnel will be given complete control over this circumstance.

So, we also have a solution that allows up to a thousand doors to be controlled by a single software over a TCP/IP network. Additionally, it is suitable for lodging facilities, sizable commercial structures, etc. Thus, we also offer IP-Based Access Control Solutions with magnetic locking, as well as Electronic Access Control with sliding and swing doors.

NXP Technologies LLC has provided secure and user-friendly access control systems to thousands of customers throughout Dubai. Moreover, NXP Technologies LLC provides the most comprehensive range of options for efficiently opening doors and gates ranging from early-day smart card technologies like Prox to modern solutions.

Hence, by evaluating required login credentials such as passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs), biometric scans, security tokens along with authentication factors. These access control systems perform identification, authentication, and authorization of users plus entities. Additionally, multi-factor authentication requires two or more authentication factors and is frequently used to protect access control systems as part of a layered defense.

RFID Access Control System

A quick and efficient solution might be an RFID access control system. Compared to other traditional technologies, RFID badges can be read from considerably farther away. Additionally, the embedded electronic data for each badge can be repeatedly erased. So, other tracking devices like security cameras can be activated in conjunction with an employee being nearby because of the increased reading distance. There are numerous RFID tags that can be read simultaneously. Thus, access by employees, attendance records, and tasks completed can all be conveniently recorded plus saved in a database.

RFID-Based Vehicle Access Control System in Dubai

In response to the increased demand for robust security and safety measures, organizations all over the world are adopting stronger security requirements. Since transportation is both the most vital and perilous component of daily life, keeping track of a vehicle’s history in parking lots and other sites becomes crucial. Additionally, automated systems are strongly recommended to prevent human errors because of the high level of performance they offer while requiring less human oversight.

So, the technologies for controlling vehicle entry based on RFID are compatible with parking management. Thus, our solution includes a boom barrier, a controller, access management, and smart card access control. Vehicles are marked with UHF tags which are integrated with building management and guest parking management software after being scanned by a long-range reader up to 13 meters away.

Turnstile Gates in Dubai

Turnstiles and speed gates are reliable pedestrian barriers that give facilities to the highest level of security. So, they control entrance, authenticate tickets along with boarding cards and manage access for both workers plus visitors. Hence, the majority of our pedestrian access control solutions in Dubai come with integrated electronics, anti-panic features and all common access control administration software.

It can be challenging to locate security items that combine design with innovation. Therefore, turnstile gates with cutting-edge technology are used to secure several landmark skyscrapers. So, in lobbies, government buildings, business campuses and academic facilities the turnstile gates are widely employed.

  • Compact security barriers that take up little space
  • Control of passage in both directions
  • Built-in anti-trailing technology locks it automatically and prevents it from rotating back.
  • Long-lasting and low-maintenance
  • Simple to install and integrate with current systems

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Web-Based Access Supports the following Features:

  • Access permit moment
  • Grant access time extension.
  • Create, activate, deactivate, and set an expiration date for credentials
  • Support for hid/custom cards and hybrid formats.
  • Visitor escorting capabilities.
  • Door to door group creation.
  • Make schedules and holidays.
  • Make a credential and access group.
  • Access techniques (combination of card, pin, and biometric)
  • Anti-pass back configuration
  • Functionality for multiple in high-security situations
  • Create floor groups and schedules for the elevator access control system.
  • Integration of fire alarms
  • Establishing fire alarm zones
  • Integrated input/output device
  • Scalability for integrating CCTV
  • Monitoring of events and alarms in real-time using a GUI
  • Scholarly reports.
  • Self-diagnostic service, device status notifications and a variety of other customization options are available upon request.
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